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Location and Duration

Casa Monarca is located in Santa Catarina, a city in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area in the state of Nuevo Leon. International interns are expected to stay for a minimum of one month and may stay as long as their schedule allows for. Casa Monarca is opened year round, seven days a week; we will do our best to accommodate your schedule to plan your stay here.

Travel and Expenses

As a non-profit, we cannot pay our interns or subsidize your flights. However, we provide interns with housing, food, and transportation to and from Casa Monarca, so interns should not expect any expenses outside of travel and recreation. Interns are in charge of arranging their own travel insurance and phone data plan, as well as their transportation to Casa Monarca from the airport. We recommend using Uber, which is generally a safe and convenient means of traveling in Monterrey. If you prefer to organize a taxi ahead of time, please call Jamie, who has driven interns in the past, and can be reached at + 52 (81) 1533-6173. It is unsafe to use taxis you do not know. Please have some cash (pesos) prepared to pay if you go by taxi. The trip should cost around $100 pesos, or approximately $5.


Casa Monarca seeks comprehensive protection for the human rights of migrants and refugees. Casa Monarca’s human right center provides a rare opportunity to conduct research which has a direct impact on the rights and realities of refugees and migrants. Our center for human rights law is linked to Office of High Commission of Refugees, which uses Casa Monarca’s field research to influence the government’s policies and treatments of migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers. Moreover, your research can help guide and inform Casa Monarca’s own work, and push us to find new and better policies and practices. While every intern will pursue a unique path which engages in multiple dimensions of our work, Casa Monarca offers three basic areas of work for its interns.

1. Interns who want to engage critically with the human right of migrants and refugees can pursue research at Casa Monarca. Interning at Casa Monarca creates many meaningful opportunities to meet and help refugees and asylum seekers, both on our food routes and at Casa Monarca itself. With the unique perspective and opportunities afforded by our internship program, you will create and pursue your own research project.

2. Interns interested in international human right and refugee law can help Casa Monarca’s legal team by researching and helping develop arguments to advance and preserve the rights of refugees and migrants. Interns will be investigating and writing reports on international treatises and comparative law. Interns with fluent Spanish can also help research Mexican legislation. Some legal knowledge is required.

3. Every intern and volunteer is welcome to help with our day-to-day work. Each day, Casa Monarca volunteers prepare several dozen lunches and hand them out to migrants and refugees around the city. Help cooking, packaging, and handing out food is always appreciated. Going out near to the railways on Casa Monarca’s food routes is also an ideal way to meet and provide aid to refugees and migrants, and witness firsthand the reality of their experiences.


1. Interns must be 18 years of age or older, and enrolled in a university and/or working in a relevant field (e.g. an NGO or law firm).
2. Interns must work at Casa Monarca for at least one month.
3. Interns must be able to speak and understand conversational Spanish.
4. Interns must have initiative, and should be willing to create and carry out their own projects.


Volunteers and interns can live in Casa Monarca’s shelter, located just a few blocks away from Casa Monarca. Interns will have the opportunity to live with and get to know the migrant women and children staying at the shelter. The shelter which houses volunteers is shared only by women and children migrants, and the shelter is kept locked and secured at all times. Depending on availability, you will share your room with 0-2 people. Casa Monarca provides two meals a day (breakfast and lunch) and a kitchen/supplies for interns to make their own dinner. Transportation to and from Casa Monarca will also be provided. Housing and meals are free for interns.


Casa Monarca is highly invested in the security of its interns and volunteers, and has established procedures to protect their safety based on mutual respect and sensitivity to boundaries between Casa Monarca staff and the migrants we serve. We have a strict no-tolerance policy for any alcohol and drugs. We also ask our volunteers and staff not to share information or take/post pictures with migrants to protect their safety. Our staff conducts a brief interview to check and keep track of every new person entering the house.

To help ensure their safety, interns should always stay in the company of others, avoid getting into taxis with unknown drivers, and not leave the shelter after nightfall except for when going to a known and secure location. Interns should always consult with Casa Monarca staff when they have any question about their security. By following our precautions, interns will help make sure Casa Monarca continues to be a safe space for migrants and staff members alike.


To apply, please send the following documents to AND with the following information:

1. A cover letter specifying (in whatever order you’d like):
a. Why you are interested in interning at Casa Monarca
b. Your proposed dates for the internship
c. Your hopes and expectations for your time with us
d. What you believe you could contribute to us
e. Any relevant past experiences with human rights/immigration work
You may write your cover letter in English or Spanish. If you have any ideas for research or other projects please be sure to also include them.

2. Your resume.

3. A letter of recommendation from the university or nonprofit organization you belong to.*

* Harvard College students applying as Impact Fellows through the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative can submit proof of their acceptance into the Impact Fellows program in the place of a recommendation letter.
* For Sciences Po first-year students, Casa Monarca’s activities can be considered for your Civic Programme (as a stage de terrain for the parcours civique).